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Company History

Aerostar started in 1987 as distributor of industrial products. The primary product line was industrial coatings. The company later added a full line of industrial products. The company was started by David Bellamy, Jerry Zucker and Jim Boyd.


David Bellamy was an entrepreneur/scientist/inventor and the founder, president and CEO of Aerostar. Bellamy studied Chemistry and Biology at Winthrop University. He pursued television production, video, photography, graphic artists and advertising as extracurricular activities while at Winthrop. Upon graduation Bellamy went into television versus medical school. Several years later he formed his own advertising agency, video and television production company. Later Bellamy sold his advertising agency and started an industrial supply company that served large factories owned by major corporations. While running his industrial supply company Bellamy went back the scientist that lives within him and started inventing products.   The formation of his industrial supply company and the creation of several inventions led to a meeting with industrialist Jerry Zucker.


Jerry Zucker was an inventor/engineer/business mogul and Chairman and CEO of The Intertech Group. Zucker later became one of South Carolina's first billionaires and was an investor, board member and an advisor over business and finance for Aerostar.

Jim Boyd was Executive Vice President of The Intertech Group and was an investor, board member and served legal counselor for Aerostar.

In 1987 David Bellamy founded Aerostar and proposed to Jerry Zucker that he should join him as a partner and mentor. Jerry Zucker agreed and brought along Jim Boyd. Aerostar was incorporated in 1987 by these three men. 

In 1991 Jerry Zucker and Jim Boyd exited the company in an orderly and very friendly manner leaving David Bellamy in a very favorable position as sole owner and president and CEO. Although no longer owners both Jerry Zucker and Jim Boyd remained as advisors and financiers to David Bellamy and Aerostar.

In 1991 Aerostar expanded into cleaning chemicals and packaging supplies and served a host of Fortune 500 companies such as BP/Amoco, Cytec, Lockheed Martin, Michelin, Procter and Gamble, Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, Solvay Polymers, Goodyear, Bosch, DuPont, Chevron/Texaco, McDonald Douglas, Newport News Shipbuilding, Westinghouse Savannah River Plant, Duke Power, Scana Corporation, Hughes Aircraft and many more.

In 1993 the company expanded into personal care products and started manufacturing and distributing African Radiance skincare and haircare products nationally. African Radiance was available in BiLo, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, KMart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Phar Mor, Woolworth's and a host of independent pharmacies and drug stores. After some success with personal care products, the company discontinued sales of all of its industrial products with the exception of packaging supplies.

In 1996 Aerostar added New Texture hair care and skincare, Game Time Pain Relief and Performance Enhancement Bodycare and Fabric Guard.

In 2000 Aerostar added Earth Elements minerals drink.

In 2010 Aerostar shut down it manufacturing and distribution operations due financial reasons, mainly lost business opportunities. The decision to shutdown the company was based largely on the financial and economic crisis that existed in America and in many other countries around the world. Aerostar lost valuable, customers, suppliers, employees and banking and financing relationships.

In 2013 Aerostar resurfaced and revitalized several of its most popular products within its existing brands and has added a few new ones.

In 2013 Aerostar introduced Muscle Magic Muscle Rub Gel.

In 2014 Aerostar added Dr. Smooth Skincare and Haircare products.

In 2014 Aerostar added Better Nutrition Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Drink

in 2015 Aerostar introduced Miss Vie's Flavored Spreads and Miss Vies's Healthy Treats

Today Aerostar is a brand owner of a wide range of interrelated, products that include the following merchandising categories; Pain Relief, Performance Enhancement, Nutritional Drinks and Supplements, Haircare, Skincare/Bodycare, Sports and Fitness Equipment and Recreational Games, Food and Beverage

Aerostar's mission is to distribute its brands throughout the United States and eventually around the world.

David Bellamy has served Aerostar since 1987 and was primarily responsible for resurrecting Aerostar. He is currently president and CEO and leading the charge.