APP Console

Web-Based Apps for your website and your Business

We've created a resourceful collection of online applications that range from managing and distributing your online content and media to sending e-mail newsletters and enabling online commerce. Our reservoir of apps cover a wide range of applications. We are constantly looking to add new apps that will make your experience easier and far more interesting.


Account Manager:

We created an app just for managing your account information, billing, users, and services. Simple and easy management is our creed.

Blog Manager: Create and manage unlimited blogs, blog articles, and visitor comments from one interface. Social sharing is a standard feature.

CMS Hosting Manager: Easy access to hosting information, template HTML and CSS, web stats, color settings, website defaults and more.

Community Manager: Start and maintain your own social network with groups, conversations, and interaction.

Content Manager: Powerful controls for web page content, site construction and navigation, and external widgets. WYSIWYG editing, so no need for HTML skills.

Domain Name Manager: Register and manage your domain names and DNS entries through one simple tool. Automatic renewal of your domains so you never lose them.

E-Commerce Manager: Complete online store and invoicing system with support for multiple stores, discount codes, unlimited inventory, and so much more!

E-mail Manager: Access to e-mail forwarding, POP/SMTP accounts, mailing lists, and domain aliases. POP/SMTP users also get webmail for access from anywhere.

Event Manager: Complete event scheduling and registration with optional volunteer management, support for paid/free registrations and web-based event check-in!

Learning Manager: Our complete e-learning environment for running online schools and courses. Unlimited courses with unlimited units and online exams!

Media Manager: File uploads and online storage with flexible storage options, media feeds, live streaming and photo albums.

Ministry Manager: Manage the way your organization helps people. Benevolence management and tracking, prayer requests, resource exchanges and more.

Organization Manager: Manage your organization data - committees, boards, staff members, and locations - for use in other apps and future collaboration apps.

Relationship Manager: Our powerful CRM. Control all of your people data within one app. Search, export, and group. Send mass e-mail, text, and even voice messages!

Resource Manager: Manage the listing of resources available to the public through your website, such as recommended links and other types of helpful resources.

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