The Dashboard

A Central Place for Your Apps, Support, Projects, Message and Help from Friends

Our dashboard is a command center for your business, giving you access to everything you need to make the most of our services. From launching our feature-rich apps to sending support requests, we've made it super simple to take control of your organization's data, content, and services.


Personal Dashboard

  • Easy-Sign In: Accessing into our dashboard is as simple as clicking on the link at the top right of our website and signing in.
  • System Messages: The first thing you see when you sign in are any important messages waiting for you from our team or system.
  • Personal Profile: Update your personal user information, change your password, and upload a profile photo in seconds.
  • Multiple Organizations: Add and access the accounts of all of your seperate ministries and businesses from one profile.

Account Dashboard

  • Easy App Access: See all of our apps in one central dashboard and launch them with one click.
  • Switch Between Accounts: Just select the account your want to access and the dashboard will switch in an instant.
  • Activate Services: You have access to open every one of our apps and activate the services necessary to make use of them.
  • Built for Multitasking: Each app opens in its own window, so you can use multiple apps at once making your time more productive.

Support Center

  • Search Help Document: Look for the answers you need when you need them by searching our extensive support library with articles and tours of our system.
  • Access Video Tutorials: Screen-by-screen videos help you learn our system easily and quickly by seeing us do the very thing you are trying to accomplish.
  • Schedule Live Training: Need live training on a portion of our system? Schedule live training sessions with ease. (See dashboard for training rates)
  • Initiate Support Requests: When you get stuck, our support team is here to answer your questions. Submit your requests directly to our desktops through the support center.

Project Center

  • Submit Work Orders: When you order creative services, our team provides you with a work order to help you supply us with the information we need to complete your project.
  • Project Status Indicator: Monitor the ongoing status of your creative projects with an easy-to-read meter, the task we are on, and the expected completion date.
  • Order Services: Coming Soon! Our complete center for ordering creative services as you need them! We are expanding our services to include premium agency services, previously only available with expensive advertising firms.

Message Center

  • Direct Access to Our Staff: Your messages bypass spam filters and cut through junk mail straight to the desktop of our staff members. We never miss a client's requests.
  • One-Year Archive: We save all of your correspondence with staff for future reference so you can always have the latest information at your fingertips.
  • File Uploading & Attachment: You don't have to deal with the file restrictions of e-mail. Just upload files directly to us and attach them to your message. We'll get 'em.
  • E-mail Delivery of Responses: We copy all of our response to the e-mail address we have on file so you don't have to keep checking the message center for answers.
  • Searchable, Threaded Discussions: We try to keep all the messages in our conversations with you together for easy reference. Then, we make it searchable for extra flexibility.

Client Community

  • Share Ideas & Tips: Our Client Community allows clients to share ideas, tips, and tricks through a simple but powerful online forum.
  • Submit Suggestions & Feature Requests: Tell us what you would like to see from our system and our developers will access and prioritize all requests.
  • Network With Others: Get to know other like-minded individuals through conversation and exchange. Network, do business together, and promote your mission.